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Data Masters offers courses in Data Modeling and Business Intelligence and Introduction to Data Science with which you can start your career as a Data Scientist - the most popular profession of the 21st Century!
Regardless of your academic background, we can train you to become an excellent consultant.
Choose the course that interests you and find out more.


Your instructors

Filip Petrovski

Master in Information Management - Specialization in Business Intelligence at NOVA IMS in Lisbon.

Martina Naumovska

Master in Artificial Intelligence at the Technical University of Vienna

Magda Hoffmann Stojanovic

Master of Science in Engineering in Telecommunication & Computer Science

Igor Kirovski

Graduated engineer for Application of e-technologies of FINKI in Skopje

parallax background

We are building consultants, not interns.

Learn from experienced and qualified people with relevant academic and working experience. With our courses you will gain knowledge that you can later apply in Data Masters or build an international career. If you want to enter the world of the fastest growing industry, book your place.


Why choose a career in Data Science?

Work opportunities

Trained and talented staff placed in the context of the current lack of data science candidates on the market, is a map to a guaranteed working opportunity.

Lack of competition

Apart from the lack of trained Data Science candidates, there is also a small number of candidates who are deciding to divert to this field.

Huge demand

The Data Science momentum is not just the new "fashion trend" of technology, the industries have a real need for Data Science staff. Right now!

Analytical mind

The application of Data Science goes beyond the scope of projects and work assignments. The analytics learned in the field "transcends" the brain wizards of each Data Scientist and helps in different aspects and spheres.

Various skills

The technical attributes of a Data Scientist include analytical skills, data visualization, predictive and descriptive modeling.

Job positions

The need for Data Science in various industries always produces interesting job positions. The dynamics, issues and themes of these positions are attractive for each Data Scientist, and the main motto is: "no two Data Science tasks are the same."


1How to apply?
Applying is easy. In the "Apply" section, when choosing the course you want to visit, leave your information. WIth that you have finished the first step. Furthermore, our team representatives will contact you for further steps.
2What is the cost of the course?
The cost per course is 24,000 denars with an option for paying in 3 installments. If you choose to pay once you get a 10% discount.
3How long does it take and where does the course take place?
The training lasts for 5 weeks and it is organized through lectures and exercises, arranged two times a week starting at 17:30. The start of the courses is on August 7th, 2019, and will be held at Data Masters. In our premises, in addition to accessing high-speed Internet and coffee that will enable you to quickly learn the material from the training, you will have the opportunity to follow the dynamics of a team working in the field, "first-hand".
4Can I attend both courses?
Of course. Data Modeling and Business Intelligence and Introduction to Data Science take place on different days. All you need to do is apply for both individually.

Data Masters